Repost – Gary Smailes list – 28 Blogs Every Writer Should Read #ASMSG

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  Today I’m reposting a terrific blog post by Gary Smailes

Stop by and check out more of Gary’s thought provoking site   >>>>>>


       28 Blogs Every Writer Should Read

 14 JANUARY 2013 –   –  GARY SMAILES –   

Here’s a list of some of the blogs for writers we read on a regular basis.   Great stuff.

Andrew Lownie Literary Agency: UK literary agent blogging from an agent’s viewpoint.

Authors on Show: Blog for Authors on Show website, lots of marketing stuff.

Author Marketing Experts: Blog for Author Marketing Experts website, as the name suggests this is marketing based.

Author Media: Blog for Author Media wedsite, mostly marketing stuff.

Jody Hedlund: Writer Jody Hedlund shares tips and tricks about writing.

Author Culture : A team of writer bloggers offering general writing advice.

Book Maven: Lots of interesting articles about all things writing.

BookBaby Blog: Excellent blog from the excellent book distribution service.

Caroline Smailes: Great posts about what it is like to be a published writer, this is one to watch!

Catherine, caffeinated: Personal blog of writer Catherine Howard.

Chip MacGregor: This is the blog for the MacGregor Literary. Great articles from an agent’s viewpoint.

Copy Blogger: This popular blog has some great articles about writing for the web.

Daily Writing Tips: Unmissable blog with stacks of help on the technical side of writing.

Joe Wikert: Joe is a publishing insider and provides an intelligent insight into the world of books.

Nick Daw: Nick provides a never ending stream of insightful and helpful articles for writers of all genres.

Smashwords: A must read blog from the excellent book distribution service.

Start Your Novel: A twice weekly blog providing writing inspiration.

Stroppy Author: This is a nice blog providing a ‘behind the scenes’ viewpoint for writers.

Terrible Minds: This excellent ‘warts and all’ blog sees best selling writer Chuck Wendig telling it as it is!

The Book Deal: What Alan Rinzler doesn’t know about publishing isn’t worth knowing – just read this blog.

The Book Designer: Joel Friedlander gives a book designer’s viewpoint of the publisher world.

The Creative Penn: Joanne Penn offers readers her thoughts on writing and getting published.

The Shatzkin Files: Mike Shatzkin takes a thoughtful look at the world of publishing.

The Writer’s [Inner] Journey: This blog focusses on the art of writing.

WinePress Publishing: The blog for WinePress Publishing with a focus on marketing.

Write Anything: A team of bloggers producing articles on all things writing.

Write it Sideways: A team of bloggers providing general writing advice.

Writer Unboxed: A blog about the craft and business of fiction

  1. But when does one have time to read them all? I want to see a blog about that…

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