Check out these Writers – Good Stuff for 2012

Posted: December 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

I promise this is the ONLY year-end, top blah, blah, list for blah, blah that I’m going to do, period.   I find end-of-year “reflections” to be a waste of time, but maybe I’m just a little nostalgic (just a little).   However, I have made several loud announcements to my television that if I see one more “year end”, “look back”, “top _____ for 2011” on the news that I’m going to take the screen out with my sawed off shotgun.  (damn, that sounds dramatic, huh.)  So, enuff said.  I bow to the late december trend and post my list of books I’ve enjoyed this year.  Hope you’ll check them out.  (and don’t worry, I’m not going to show up at your home with my sawed off shotgun if you DON’T read these,  and hey – I KNOW you were thinking that might happen!  *smile* )))))))))

These are in alphabetical order.  If I am gonna succumb to the end-of-year lookback, then at least I’m NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT gonna “rank”

Did I happen to mention that “ranking” things is “rank”?         Sorry,  a bad pun that I couldn’t resist.

Karen Baney –   “Nickels”           

Derek Blass –  “Enemy in Blue”   

Claude Bouchard –  “Vigilante”    

Glen Cantrell –  “The Resume”     

Melissa Foster  –  “Chasing Amanda”

David Rothman – “The Solomon Scandals” 

Rachel Thompson – “A Walk in the Snark”    

  1. Thanks, handsome. I’m flattered you would include me on such an esteemed list. I’m also thrilled to see your book out and that it’s doing so amazingly well. I’m reading it now myself and enjoying it immensely.

    xo, big guy.

  2. Derek Blass says:

    Thanks for including me in this list, Andy! Look forward to reading Shades of Gray, and shared this on FB 🙂

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