I’d Rather Be Golfing…well maybe not.

Posted: December 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

A recent survey has brought a chuckle to men everywhere.  AARP reported that their polling of men 55 years old and up resulted in findings that 77.4% of them would rather play 18 holes of golf than have sex.  According to the survey, the remaining poll participants typically ran errands or did household chores instead of joining their friends on the golf course.

In a poll done via  Cosmopolitan  magazine, that may *possibly*  be related, the same percentage (77.4%) of women age 55 and up reported that they regularly joined their men when they started playing the last 9 holes (commonly referred to as the back nine).  These women, when asked by their men what they had been doing during the previous two hours, all reported that they needed to so some shopping and that one of their favorite stores was running a very special “22.6%” off sale on an important item that they needed to pick up.

So……  you do the math.    *smile*

  1. Mom says:

    You’re funny! Should your mother be reading this?

  2. LOL

    Remind me ever to take up golf!

  3. I play golf and have never had intercourse with a 55 year old woman during the back nine.

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