Reader Groups Make a Difference – Author Stacy Eaton

Posted: November 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

A group of readers that I reach out to are friends of mine on Goodreads.    I have not met them in person, but I depend on them and I call them friends.  Here’s why:

I have found it very important to listen to my readers and see exactly what they want.  Being a new author, I craved reviews with a vengeance.  I wanted to know what people thought, what they liked and didn’t like, and which  characters  they related to and which ones they were happy to see go.

As my first reviews started to come in, I started asking questions.  I specifically went to readers that I didn’t know.  I am well aware that if friends want to continue to be my friend, they needed to say they liked my book, lol.. ) No, I’m just kidding. I know that everyone has a preference in their reading, so not everyone that reads my books will like them.   I started “friending”  people on Goodreads that had my book on their “to read” list or people that were currently reading the book.  I asked them to provide feedback on the book by alerting me to sections they felt were strong and sections they felt needed sprucing up.

In doing that, I began to see a trend with one of the main characters in book 1, My Blood Runs Blue.  In book 2, Blue Blood for Life, he was back as more of a supporting character, but I learned that most people really loved him and  they wanted to see more of him.  Keeping that in mind as I started to write book 3, which is currently unnamed, I am keeping him a supporting character and I plan to run him into a major character again in book 4 of the series.  I think that book 4 will revolved around him quite a bit.

I know that by questioning my readers on Goodreads, and by reading the reviews, I learned what my readers wanted.    Some (but not all) of the suggestions will certainly find their way into my future writing.

I  know that one of the biggest parts of being an author is being available for your readers.  Letting them see you as a person and not just someone who can make up a story.  Someone that maybe they can relate to and have a friendship with.  I cherish my readers and I will continue to communicate with them so that I can stay in touch with what they want.  If it wasn’t for them, my writing would just be for me. (well and those friends I told you about earlier lol…)

Come Join me on Goodreads and ask a few questions yourself! I have a Q & A with Stacy Eaton you are welcome to join!

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