Cindy Hanson – “What Readers Mean to Me.”

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My readers have always mattered because I take their advice as well as praise seriously. For example: my first readers, all 56 of them, were drawn from relatives, friends, IT colleagues, a few grief counselors associated with Hospice, and my local community. Some people read slower than others because they informed me that my first book entitled Mom’s on the Roof and I Can’t Get Her Down had a HARD topic to digest. That book described terminal cancer along with my mother’s Christian Near Death Experiences. I understood my readers when they explained to me that the nonfiction nature of my writing made my text very relatable. HOWEVER- sometimes- due to the cancer saga unfolding- some individuals connected to the storyline in a bad way and could not forger through the reality of my words- until LATER. It wasn’t the miracles or afterlife journey full of wonders and mystic experiences that bothered their psyche; it was the realty of death that slowed my reader’s rates. My audience did inform me that the short, journal-like sections eased their tension as did my dry sense of humor scattered throughout as comedic relief. They cried as they laughed and vice versa; my text was cathartic for them.

Those first readers were important to me because- when they hit The End (of the book and mom’s life) – they saw the fuller picture of life and death; they readily shared their similar experiences with me. Some even called my first story a master piece- to which I humbly responded, “because it is The Master’s piece!” Often, I quipped that tale was written while I was in The Spirit. I felt like that as I feverously wrote my memories of my parent’s last days of life- here on Earth- and detailed the small miracles as well as prophecy during those moments of ‘life after death’ revelations from God. As people read my life script, they felt a Supreme Presence in my words, which means the goal of that book was achieved despite my novice errors as a writer.

As that book went out in grief sessions and groups, I worried for my reader’s still prone to tears then marveled at their responses to my book. Years later, as I wander through central Florida living out my days, I come across some of my early readers. Some are in from other parts of the country; as they gingerly approach, many say they felt God would cross our paths that day. Then, they’d exclaim that in the crowds of a mall, airport, or theme park- they searched for my face; they only had the book cover picture to go by to recognize me. As we chat, I can tell I uplifted their life with my text especially during their own traumas.

Some readers- that I personally gave copies to when they experienced a loss- tell me every time someone dies they reread my saga. Referring to my book about my mother’s journey to Heaven and Back before she died, some individuals call her tale a Christian Near Death Experience. I sense that they are on the right path with that thought; more importantly, it feels good to know that my story has inspired others; some of my readers go on to write their accounts about God, miracles, their afterlife journeys, angles they’ve encountered, and so on. Many simply tell me their short story, which encouraged me to write His Story. I’ve found so many people hungering for inspirational stories like my books contain; over the years, my reader’s desire has motivated me to write more, ghostwrite for others, and co-author books about NDEs, Faith Healings, Journeys to Heaven, and other miracles. Seven non-fictions later, other people as well as God still move my spirit to write more of these types of tales. My books are unbounded by time- because 20 years later- my first story about mom’s journey to Heaven still inspires readers while sustaining those folks through their own plagues, I know I was supposed to influence those people on their journey. I’m happy that when life is at its gloomiest, my nonfiction inspirational sagas lead my readers out of darkness into the light.

Meanwhile, as many of my new readers come from the social networks of the internet; it’s amazing how my collection of non-fictions touch their souls as well. After reading my books, many people feel instant community with me referring to me as friend. It’s NOT easy to be an indie author, but the empathy and wonderment in life that I enjoy with my readers keeps us going- especially me! That’s why my readers are very important to me!

FINALLLY- my readers are very important to me when they buy gift books or help sale my titles to their acquaintances; see my author web page at  for links to my publishing sites.

  1. What a wonderful interview! I’ve had the pleasure to read some of Cindy’s blog posts and one touched me so deeply, I felt the need to e-mail her and discuss it.

    Off to tweet and FB!

    Best of luck.

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