Cover Design – Matt and Laurel

I’m very grateful to my loving sister for providing the background for the cover design.  You can see more of her fantastic art work (ok, so I’m a little biased) at   LaurelHollomanStudio    She starred on the very popular Showtime Series, the L Word.

My favorite Graphic Designer, Matt Taft, did the entire cover art project and I can’t say enough about how well he captured the emotion of the story.  I’m greatly indebted to him for his skill and his patience (there were quite a few “smallish” changes that I asked for, repeatedly) .    His company is   Matt is a gentleman of varied tastes and is very skilled at not only the visual arts (photography, graphic design) but is also an accomplished music producer and sound engineer.  He also is a dead ringer for the actor Sam Rockwell.

  1. Luisa - LMMSites says:

    Hi all, This is a must!! You can find some amazing art work By Laurel, that you can actually buy!! Although she is an AMAZING Actress knowen world wide, her Art work speaks for its self, it is truly stunning Art that leaves us without words and that can take your breath away…

  2. luartfan says:

    Who is she? Never heard of her 😉 ~ luartfan

  3. Wendy says:

    She is an excellent artist in many ways, make a research about her and you will see.

  4. Adelia says:

    Laurel is a talent and chaming actress and artist. She is my most favorite actress in the world.

  5. patricia massingill says:

    Laurel Hollowman is a great Actress and Artist.She was Famous for her role in the the your Art.

  6. She really is a good painter who love their work and a great actress :))

  7. Patricia Massingill says:

    Laurel Holloman is a good Actress loved her on the lword.i am looking forward to the Book.

  8. Andy and Laurel …Your mom can be very proud .I am
    I did’nt read the book yet ,but I will. It’s on his way
    Laurel hope to meet you someday and give you a big Dutch hug.

    Stay shining and be well.

    oxoxox M

  9. luartfan says:

    I know now, I research her on twitter!!! She is a mommy, sis to Andy, and daughter to Andy’s mom who says his novel is crap. Take comfort Andy, at least ur mum didn’t say she didn’t like the cover 😉 ~ luartfan

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