I’m a terrible Dad, I let my 10 yr old watch #TheWalkingDead ..#ASMSG #WalkingDead

Posted: December 19, 2013 in People for the Ethical Treatment of Zombies, PETZ, Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead, Uncategorized, Walking Dead, Zombies
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Yeah….we did it.  We let him watch the show. Probably because it is one of our fav shows.   Does it help that I kinda “pre-screened” the show so I know that is almost exclusively blood and gore and not much in the way of “adult” material?   Okay, you’re right, it’s not appropriate for a 10 yr old.   But hey,  I came up with what I think are a few VERY good reasons that justify my decision:

"I heard zombies make good fertilizer."

“I heard zombies make good fertilizer.”

1.  No Zombies Were Actually Killed in the Making of This Show:      If you read the credits, you will see that the creators of “The Walking Dead” are very careful to make sure that all of the zombies they use in filming are well cared for and NONE are harmed.  I found out that the crew follow the “care guidelines” set out by  P.E.T.Z (People for the Ethical Treatment of Zombies)  -wink-

2.  Rick Teaches Young Children Good Leadership Qualities:    The show’s main character, Rick Grimes, is a role model for young people.  His leadership skills, quick thinking, and problem solving abilities provide opportunities for parents and young children to discuss how these skills can translate into real world solutions.  When Hershel is bitten by a walker (nickname for zombie), Rick puts his quick thinking skills to the test and grabs an axe and removes Hershel’s lower leg.  Now that is a role model !   -wink-

3.  Overcoming Adversity:  Hershel, despite being hobbled by his recent injury, overcomes adversity by adapting to life with 1.5 legs.  He doesn’t let this handicap hold him back and continues to contribute to the good of the group.  In fact,  without Hershel’s medical  (veterinarian) skills,  the whole group of survivors could have been wiped out by the vicious flu that swept through the camp!   A true hero!   -wink-

…yeah, I know,  it’s still not appropriate for a 10 yr old. …..  no matter how I may try to spin it.

  1. As a lover of all things horror since the age of 5, believe me when I say he’d have seen it eventually.

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