New #Thriller is out! “When His Dreams Take Flight” #Kindle #ASMSG #IAN1

Posted: October 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

….Proud to announce that the new novel is available for your eReading device  (Kindle, Nook, PC, etc.)

Here’s the Amazon Link –

…Here are the story details –      **  RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES !!

EBookCover_workingfinal (1)

When His Dreams Take Flight   

Quick Overview-

Genre –  Thriller/Suspense

Rated “R” for language, mild sexual content.

Length –  54,000 words.  


Nick Townsend is a high school principal battling alcohol addiction. After falling off the wagon, he awakens the next morning remembering a dream that included him flying over an elementary school shooting, in progress.  The next day, the school shooting he saw in his dream is headline news.  When it happens again, he is determined to prevent the tragedy and solicits his best friend to help him save more children from certain death.

But what is the cost of saving lives?  Will he continue to risk his life when the woman he loves is carrying his child?  Can he win the battle against the demon tequila that threatens to wreck his world?  And, when he awakens one morning remembering another school shooting dream, can he stop the horrible event from happening at his school?


  1. HMShankman says:

    It sounds great, Andy!

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