You MIGHT be a Writer, if ……. (apologies to Jeff Foxworthy) #ASMSG

Posted: March 15, 2013 in Uncategorized
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 .. So, like all great blog posts,  I had a fit of creative comedic energy and I just had to poke a little fun at writers (hey, its a lot easier to do this than it is for me to write a simple passage where a character walks out of a room, what can I say).

   Self-deprecating writer humor is a mandatory feature of being a scribbler (or, in my case, pretending to be one),   so here goes……..



(to the tune of “You -might- be a redneck, if…..—  Google “Foxworthy” for info, funny guy)

You  -MIGHT-  be a writer,  if  ……….

    ….Your writing desk has dents in the top from constant head banging.

   …. You hear a news story and instantly launch into “Wow, that would make a great novel.”

  …. You use a “word count”  app on all your email messages.

 …. The IV bag and cart next to your PC is filled with coffee in the a.m. and wine in the p.m.

 …. You announce to your family that you need peace and quiet to do some writing but then    spend 2 hours on Facebook.

 ….  While constructing a scene with a lot of dialogue, you consider having your characters scream the same words over and over at each other in order to increase your daily word count.


 — smile —



  1. — If you drool toothpaste on your keyboard, as an idea came to you as you were brushing your teeth, and you just HAD to get it down.

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