Be careful what you read. OR Mommy tricks Daddy on conceptual issue.

Posted: November 10, 2012 in conceive, conception, Meg Ryan, orgasm, social media, When Harry Met Sally
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I’ve prided myself on being a decent practical jokester but the wifey and her friends pulled a fast one on me (and a few other Dads)………  had to share.

The Classic “Fake Orgasm” scene from “When Harry Met Sally”

Chat w/ wifey – (many years ago)          Wifey – “Honey, didn’t we make some lovely kids?”         Me – “Yes dearie, we did.”

Wifey– “Well I need to tell you something about that process that I’ve been feeling a little guilty about. You know that journal article that I gave you that had important tips in it about how to improve your chances of conception when you are trying to get pregnant?”

Me – “Sure, you  mean the article that had advice on diet, frequency, timing, stuff like that?”

Wifey – “Yeah, thats it. Well, there were some parts of that article that were made up by some of the moms that were in the   Mothers and More  group I was a part of when the kids were small.”
Me – “Hmmm, let me guess. I’m thinking that you guys added those extra paragraphs that described how a couple could GREATLY enhance their chances of conception if the wife had -several- orgasms during each encounter.  I thought that was a little fishy.”
Wifey – “Yeah. We made up that part. But I gotta say that I appreciate how enthusiastically you embraced every bit of info in the article, even the parts that were made up. So it wasn’t such a bad thing now was it?”
Me – “Hmm, I don’t know, it sure did create ALOT of extra work for me. And I gotta say that sometimes my enthusiasm was a bit lagging.  But I did my part for the team.”
Wifey – “Good, and thats what I told all the moms in the  Mothers and More  group when they asked me how things were going and if you were following all the suggestions in -The Article-.”
Me – “And I bet they all got a good chuckle out of that.”                         Wifey – “Yes they did”
  1. Could you send my husband a copy of that article?

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