Make Father’s Day Special – Buy1 Get 5 Free eBooks for your Dad #FreeBooks4Dad

Posted: June 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

 **  This Great Deal for Dads ends at Midnight,  June 17, 2012  (Father’s Day)  **


Free Books for Father’s Day –   To get 5  free eBooks for your favorite Dad   — or anyone else —    simply save your Amazon Purchase receipt  for ANY of the 8 titles below that you buy TODAY  (purch. receipt will come via an email from Amazon approx. 2-3 hours after you buy)    and email  your    receipt    to      

You will need to purchase any ONE of the  EIGHT  titles below.  All are Thriller/Suspense/Mystery genre, perfect for Dad  — and anyone else who loves action.

OPTION 1 –   When you BUY any ONE of the Novels Below, You will receive the other FIVE  for FREE ! **  (4 free titles delivered via email in approx. 24 hours)    ** Plus a FIFTH surprise THRILLER/SUSPENSE/MYSTERY eNovel to be sent separately (approx. 48 hrs)


OPTION 2 –  Purchase any ONE of the THREE Novels BELOW ,  &  get the  ABOVE   First  FIVE  eBooks FREE!  (No surprise eBook)

   It is WAY easy to move these eBook files from your email to any eReader device 

           Email your purchase  receipt to        to get your 5 FREE  eBooks.

I keep ALL EMAILS private.  GUARANTEED.  PROMISE.    Would never want to annoy readers!!

Thanks!!!!!    Questions/Comments/Suggestions ??

  1. […] one Thriller before midnight June 17th and get 5 MORE FREE **.  You don’t really have to buy it for a Dad, but you do have to like Thrillers, […]

  2. Dang, I think I already have all of these Thrillers 😦

  3. […] so it was that I woke up this morning to find myself participating in the FreeBooks4Dad promo. The idea is that this enables you to do something better than getting pops the usual crap pattern […]

  4. Debra Kristi says:

    How can you beat that fantastic deal?!

  5. How much of the Amazon receipt must I provide? Do I have to forward the whole receipt to the address?

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