Gangsta Jack & The Beanstalk — “Shades of Gray” is FREE May8,9 — Plus, 2 more Free eBooks for YOU!

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3 Free eBooks and a joke for you !!!   What could be better !    Visit my Amazon Page and get a FREE eBook version of my novel “Shades of Gray”. (ends May 9, midnight)  Email me a copy of your Amazon purchase receipt and then I’ll email you 2 more thrillers I have enjoyed.   See below for details.  Here’s the Amazon link.  Enjoy!!

First my “Fractured Fairy Tale” —


Young Boy – “So Grandpa Jack, the story said that you were running and jumped back on the beanstalk to climb down and then the mean giant was chasing you down the beanstalk. When you go to the bottom, was that when you started chopping down the beanstalk to kill the giant?”
Grandpa Jack – “Well that’s how all the storybooks tell it, son. But that ain’t exactly what went down.”

Young Boy – “So what did happen, Grandpa Jack?”

Grandpa Jack – “Well, when I got to the bottom of the beanstalk, the giant was right behind me, so I didn’t have time to chop it down. So basically, I just went all postal on the freak, pulled out my piece, and busted a cap in his hairy ass.”

Young Boy – “Oh…. I kinda like the other version better.”


Good news!  Download a free copy of MY book (Shades of Gray) and I’ll send you TWO other thriller/suspense novels that I have enjoyed for FREE !! Just email me confirmation of your free download from Amazon – AndyHolloman AT And I’ll send you 2 more eBooks for FREE !! (and I know that FREE is your favorite price !!!!!) (and don’t forget that eBooks work on TONS of devices besides Kindle)

Starts May 8, 6am EST through May 9, Midnight

  1. Debra Kristi says:

    What great thing you’re doing Andy. I believe I already have your book. Once I find my misplaced iPad from yesterday I can verify that.:)

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