The Power of a Supportive Family -or- “Dad, don’t be funny.”

Posted: March 26, 2012 in Uncategorized
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             The Power of a Supportive Family –       

Uncool Dad's "R" Us

Uncool Dads "R" Us

I was fortunate enough to be picked for an interview with a statewide Public Radio Show to chat about  my novel.   It is a show that my entire family knows as my wife and I are ardent WUNC-FM fans and thus force our kids to listen to Public Radio rather than the latest music from LMFAO, Justin Beiber, Kesha, et. al, which the kids seem to prefer, for some strange reason.

At the dinner table this weekend, I proudly informed all of them that I was going to on the radio and these are the comments that I got – —

(notice how the degree of  negativity in their comments increases in relation to their  age…..  no surprise there, huh? )

8 yr old (son) – (earnestly)  “Dad thats really cool, um, but you know how you try to be funny sometimes and it isn’t really funny and no one laughs and the only sound is crickets?  Well I think you shouldn’t try to be funny when you’re on the radio.”

11 yr old (son)  –  “And make sure you don’t act immature. You do that all the time around here.”

14 yr old (daughter) –   “Be sure you don’t do anything that embarrasses me. One of my friends’ parents could be listening and I don’t want to be embarrassed.”

Spouse –  (with tenderness)  “Honey, they may be right.  Perhaps it would be best if you just gave yes or no answers during the interview.”

—- Family is so important. Mine is the best, don’t cha think? (smile)

  1. Isn’t a supportive family great! lol! Have a great interview!

  2. Personally, I think you should embarrass them. That’s what dads are suppposed to do. Good luck on the interview!

  3. Wendy says:

    You have my support, and certainly that of your family, have a great interview, good luck, Andy.

  4. Melissa McCann says:

    Yeah, after that, EMBARRASS THE #$%^ OUT OF ‘EM. That’s what parents (and spouses) are for.

  5. Jennifer Dalby says:

    I would totally do everything they said not to but make a special thanks speech and name them all!!!!!

  6. There’s no story in a yes/no answer. It makes it, “My Dad was on the radio.” End of story.
    Much better to have fun and turn it into a tale. “My Dad was on the radio this one time, and he said XXX, and then XXX and I couldn’t believe it but he also…” Whatever MadLibs end up in there, it’s better than, “My Dad was on the radio. The End.”

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