Hey Readers! – Add some DANGER to your Kindle for St. Paddy’s Day.

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Uncategorized


I’m proud to be a part of  “Shamrocks and Sirens” which is a group of Thriller/Mystery/Crime Authors

(I just like to use the term “Danger” writers) teaming up to get the word out about their books.  Many of these

folks have become friends of mine primarily via Twitter.  (yes, you doubters out there, you can develop friendships

on Twitter!)   I hope you will take a look at the novels by these talented writers.  Maybe you will find a little danger

at the end of the rainbow. (much better than a pot o’ gold, right?  *wink*)

Here’s is an excellent video produced by the fearless leader of the this group –  Michael Lorde –


And here is the website to visit for free SWAG and info –  http://michaelordeauthor.blogspot.com/?zx=dfd14d5ff9d8c8ba

and,  last but not least ….. here are the wonderful writers that are a part of this group – (to find their books, visit the site above or do a quick search on Google or Amazon)

Derek Graystone
Helen Hanson
Andy Holloman
Dixon Bennett Rice
Jennifer Chase
Wendy Cartmell
Deborah Ledford
Michael Lorde
Pat Bertram
Kenneth Hoss
Carolyn Arnold
JJ Toner

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