Would I Have Marched With Dr. King? I hope so.

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

That question haunts me as I’m sure it does others.  Would I have been brave enough to take the MORALLY CORRECT STANCE and march with Dr. King and his supporters in the 1950’s and 1960′ and demand equal rights for people of color?  Could I have shouted out to the folks in my small circle that no group of citizens should be treated as second class.  I’ll never know.  But I can assist with change now.  And right now, our country is treating a minority of its people as second class citizens.

It is embarrassing to me that my state (NC) is in the throws of pushing forward a law that would discriminate against same sex couples that wish to confirm their commitment to each other  by getting married.  Even though I was born in 1964 and missed the important changes that came about during the Civil Rights Movement,  I bet that the same arguments that were expressed by people opposed to those changes are almost identical to what is bantered around now regarding marriage equality –  Our society will crumble  —  The US will descend into chaos  —  We can’t allow the races to mix —  Our children will suffer  —  They have enough rights already, there doesn’t need to be a law  —  This goes against the teachings of the Bible/Quran/Some other holy scripture.

How foolish and close minded can people be?  If you take the broad perspective (which I try to do) then all throughout the last 200 years, we’ve seen our society mature and recognize that discrimination of any type, is WRONG.  And not ONCE have we reversed these changes –  Slavery is over, Women were given the right to Vote, we recognized that black citizens are equal, we have attempted to redress the indignities that Native Americans were subjected to.  –   And, again,  THESE CHANGES HAVE NEVER BEEN REVERSED.

Because they were right!  Certainly there are some silly, insignificant people out there that might argue women shouldn’t vote or that minorities like blacks and native americans don’t deserve equal treatment,  but these are just non-sensical fringe crazies.  Barely worthy of a mention.    So why are we EVEN DEBATING the equal right due same sex couples to marry?    They should not be treated differently , period.  I know, for a fact, that 40 years from now, we will look back and be astonished that this change had not occurred sooner.  No doubt in the EXACT same framework that we look back now in horror at the atrocities of  discrimination that occurred in our not too distant past.

So think about what is happening right now in regards to the discrimination that same sex couples face daily.  They are treated less favorably on tax forms, medical forms, estate laws, etc. – All of the normal rights and protections that a marriage bestows upon heterosexual couples is denied to same sex couples.  Would anyone vote now that native americans should not have the right to marry?  Would anyone vote now that black citizens should not be afforded equal treatment under the law?

Of course not.   So the question comes up for me again –  Would I Have Marched with Dr. King?   Will I march in support of the removal of discrimination against same-sex couples? 

Consider this post to be a resounding  —  YES.   

Marriage Equality

  1. Daisy Martell says:

    You’re a Braveheart…So let me tell you a short story: When we were living in Amsterdam(for 23 years) things got worse for us. Lot’s of discrimination moments i would rather forget. We didn’t feel save and happy anymore and i felt i was changing. That worried me. We got beat up many times, spit at, called dirty names and they said the worst things you could ever imagine. At one point we were threatend by 60 of them and as brave as i am, i was “shitting” my pants and told them our husbands lived in Irak and we were taking care of eachother through difficult times. I was in denyle and that was a BIG shock!!! I started thinking , something has to change. We moved a little outside the city and were happy again until…A man in a car was driving behind me , but in my opinion to close. Next he hit my bumper ….I snapped ,got out of the car, opened the door and pulled him out of the car , and lift him up soo high …..That man was in shock ( he pissed his pants) and i was in shock what happend. Even more , he was 6 foot 2 or something. Now i’m not a tall lady( 5.6 ), but what i did is not me but i definitely turned out that way. Right after that we made the decision to move to a whole different part of the country , where people are actually really nice , heartwarming ! It feels like ‘coming home’ for almost 4 years now and we’ve found ourselves back.
    This is the first time i’m writing this down and it feels great!

    You’ve got a big heart Andy . Very PROUD!!! ~ Daisy Martell

  2. justinbog says:

    Andy, really, I can’t bring up the words to express how terrific and humbled I am by your support (your comment on my guest post made my day). I loved your Post(al) reaction very much. It keeps the conversation going — keep talking and fighting a good fight in your State. And reading the comments here, I give a supportive S/O to Daisy as well: you rock.

  3. Glynis Smy says:

    My cousin and partner had a beautiful ceremony (in UK). They have been together 25yrs and done no harm to anyone. They are happy and have a beautiful home surrounded by friends. Both men have big hearts and are open about their relationship. How I wish it could be for all same sex relationship.

  4. musingmomma says:

    Yes! Great post! And I love the point that once these decisions are made (to end a discriminatory practice) we don’t look back – because we are finally doing the RIGHT thing!

  5. musingmomma says:

    Yes! Great post! I love your point that once these decisions are made (to end a discriminatory practice), we don’t look back – because we are finally doing the RIGHT thing! Interesting also to consider that the issues you mention – slavery, women voting, anti-miscegenation laws – were all changed at the FEDERAL level in the end. I think that, ultimately, that is what it will take with gay marriage too….probably for one of the state laws to be taken up by the Supreme Court.

    • andyholloman says:

      hugs, change is a’comin’…. i’m especially heartened as i watch my children grow up and express
      outrage that same sex couples aren’t allowed to get married !!! won’t be long!

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