Flip Flops in Feb.? I’ll never get to the slopes!

Posted: February 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Snowboarding has been a hobby for about 7 years.  Even in North Carolina, we get access to ski areas (approx. 4 hr drive) and so I have been a skier since my teens.  Love the slopes, the snow, and the boost that being out on the mountain gives me.    But WTF !  Today I’m wearing flip flops and its Feb. 3.    How’s a dude ever gonna catch some air on the slopes if it is 70 degrees?

Where's the snow, dude?

As any parent will know, you really dig it when your kids start to mature and enjoy the same things that you enjoy (well, most things). My 11 y.o. enjoys the cold and the slopes almost as much as me.  And he’s been really jonesin’ to get on a board too.  My planning is to get him heavily invested in snowboarding AND get my daughter heavily invested in golf.  Then I can easily claim these two sports to be good “Daddy” time activities and thus will have the perfect excuse  opportunity to enjoy two things that have become harder to do since becoming a father.

But hey,  the weather’s got to cooperate!!!!     Don’t let a poor old Dad and his son suffer mother nature!!    Send us some white, fluffy stuff before March………….  pretty please!













  1. Hazween says:

    That’s wonderful, Mr. Holloman. I wished my parents would have let me be heavily invested in tennis or football. I’ve always been so interested to become an accomplished athlete. Now, after a knee injury and 20 something odd years later, I’ve only come close to studying journalism with hopes of one day being able to cover a tennis match, court-side.

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