Pre-Launch is Rockin’

Posted: November 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

I wanted to send out a short and sweet post to say “THANK YOU” to everyone for their support and purchases of  “Shades of Gray”  during this brief period that we are running the Pre-Launch special. (the Pre-Launch promotion will likely end in about a week) 

I’ve been very heartened by the comments that people have made on this blog and by the number of folks that have placed orders already.  Remember that buying during this Pre-Launch period gets your copies of the novel signed by me and my sister, who provided the artwork for the cover. (great job on the cover, Laurel!)  Also, for anyone that buys 2 copies, we’ll throw in a third one for free.  What a great Christmas gift!

I want to send out a very special thank you to my cover designer, Matt Taft, who toiled and sweated and was very patient with my requests for “just another small change, please”.  Matt is a very talented graphic artist and his vision for the cover fit exactly with mine.  I’m truly indebted to him for his hard work.

An especially big SHOUT OUT to those fans of my sister’s work and fans of the L-word.  Your support has been a breath of fresh air daily.  I love all you ladies. (and I love any of you men that are fans of the L-word, I just don’t hear from any of you, but I know you’re out there.)

There is another group of caring and thoughtful people that I want to recognize and those are the group of writers I’ve met via Twitter.  Not even in my wildest imagination could I have guessed how much Twitter has given me.  I now count dozens of fellow writers as friends (some even close friends) due to meeting them via Twitter.  You guys have brought so much wisdom, humor, and caring into my daily life that words will never be capable of expressing my gratitude.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Okay, that’s all for my short post.  Write on!!     And don’t forget to purchase your “pre-launch” copies by clicking here

  1. Theresa Eaaston says:

    You are welcome. Enjoying the ride! Happy to have met and communicated with both you and Laurel. Both of you are truly talented. Can’t wait to read the book and purchase some art. Congratulations! Theresa

  2. Brittney says:

    You are very welcome. You both are very talented and wonderful individuals. Congratulations to you both!! Brittney

  3. Patricia Massingill says:

    Hi i purchased the Book never have met you or Laueral but am looking forward to the Book.Patricia

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