Guest Blogger – Linda Rae Blair

Posted: October 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

  …I asked Linda to impart a little wisdom to me by telling a story about how a reader made a big impact on her writing.  I thought this was a terrific story.  

Author of The Preston Andrews Mysteries, Romances & Historical Sagas

I have a very dear friend who used to be my manager at a very large, very blue computer company. She was forever calling me in to discuss a letter I had written–in a former life she was a teacher–and we would argue (with love) the merits of this phrase or that one until we agreed.

Years later, I published my first novel (without an editor) and, of course, my dear friend of now many years read it. One day I stopped by the office to say hello to my former coworkers (I’d retired by this time). She stepped toward me with that look I knew so well. I braced myself.

She said she had read the book, and she very confidentially whispered that she had found about 38 errors (not 30 or 35, but 38–my God, had she counted them). I almost died right on the spot! She rushed to clarify that most of these were probably things that would be missed by most readers (I took her at her word but didn’t feel any better). She said she would gladly mark it up so I could fix it, if I wanted to do so.

Well, only a dummy would leave a bad product out there so, of course, I took her up on it and published an edited version.

My dear friend has been one of my two editors ever since. She always says she is amazed at how well I take her comments and suggestions. I always tell her that I would be really stupid to ask for her help and then not listen to her! It takes us back to all those years ago when we sat behind closed doors arguing about this item or that one. No wonder she’s amazed, I often think.

But then, in those days, I wasn’t asking for her opinions. These days, Pat, I’m darned glad I get them!

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